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TheAlXEN LITEwas established in 2004. It is a collection of design , research and development, productsales of theintelligent high -tech enterprise.AIXEN LITE mainly servcs five-star hotels providing lighdesign and production and covering 30,000 square meters.AIXEN LITE has a professionaldesign Rteam, modern laboratory and effic ient productivity to ensure to meetthe needs of different lighapplications for ourcustomers.

We focuson independent research and development and obtaining a number of product patents.provide ODMlighting products for fam ous brandssuch as Panasonic, OSROM,sONY,GIANT,and MUJl With our profcssion al research and develo pment ca pa bilities. A sound researcdevelo pment, quality controland production system enables every customer to en joy mprofessional and quality service for 17years.Theclient*s satisfaction is always the first goal.

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Address:No.166 Fu Tang Rd., Tang Xia Yong Communtry, 518105, Song Gang Street, Bao An District, Shen Zhen City, Guang Dong, China

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